Technical solutions

Technical solutions represent safety, protection or accessibility elements used in certain spaces, bringing a plus of comfort and an original touch to the space where are installed. Either it is about tactile strips that brings an additional protection in stairs areas, guiding strips for blind persons or systems of protection for walls, doors, corners or railings, technical solutions are essential in spaces with risk of accidents or spaces which need protection to keep their properties on a long therm.

The areas with intense traffic, public buildings, medical units, spaces frequented by children or old persons, kitchens or warehouses are spaces whose safety is reinforced through technical solutions.

Accessibility elements are tactile strips installed in stairs areas that are available in different forms and guiding strips for blind persons. Protection systems for walls have a double role: to protect the walls and to customize the walls with unique and original messages. Protection systems for corners and doors protect the walls and doors against impact and prevent the accidents in case of impact. The railings protect the walls against traffic and have also a guiding or supporting role.

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