Production Areas

Processing and production spaces require the installation of floorings that ensure safety and protection for the staff and diminish fatigue and health problems and also resist in specific conditions.

The flooring has to meet special characteristics: resistance to abrasion and traffic, to fire, overloads, chemical agents, very low temperatures, easiness to clean and maintain and antibacterial and antifungal treatment.

Production spaces such as halls, factories, production lines, assembling, sheds and warehouses are usually arranged with floorings made of concrete which are simple, colored or customed, with epoxy, polyurethane and quartz floorings that meet the standards regarding the quality, design and protection of health and environment.

Epoxy floorings have strong adhesive properties, chemical resistance, resistance to water, fire, usage, are easy to custom and are durable, while industrial floorings have an increased resistance if are made with reinforced wire mesh, steel or polypropylene fibers.

Solexpert has a complex range of floorings for production spaces: PVC carpets, PVC wallpaper, LVT, cast floor, partitions, handrails and accessories.

Recommended solutions