Clean rooms

Innovative concepts of clean room

Clean rooms involves the highest level of technical precision. Lindner clean rooms meet all available standards.

Solexpert team offers various types of ceiling and modular systems, according to your needs and specific class.

Our specialists create customized systems and offer you support during the entire project implementation.

Clean rooms are hygienic – without the risk of side effects for any type of the following industries:

  • Pharma industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Genetics and biotechnology
  • Sterile packaging

The concept of clean room represents a clear sign of concern to innovate in technical areas for:

  • Semiconductors and conductors
  • Application technologies
  • Storage media and displays
  • Inspection/Test/Research rooms

Clean rooms represent customized solutions for food industry:

  • Production of beverages and alcohol
  • Milk processing
  • Juices bottling
  • Meet processing
  • Mushrooms cultivation

Our solutions include:

  • The analyses of your specific needs
  • Support for our solutions
  • Planning and implementation – delivery and installation of the products
  • Project management and construction site management

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