Sali de operatie/Laboratoare - Lindner

According to your needs, we offer ceiling systems with aluminum covers, ceilings connected by junctions, sandwich ceilings or folding ceilings in a large range of surfaces and covers.

All ceilings are accessible and easy to maintain.

Technical specs

Partitions can be adapted to space changes at any time.

Shell constructions

Walls for folding furniture

Modular design

Bolt with aluminum support

Sandwich constructions

Customized solutions such as fire systems, soundproofing systems, radiation systems.

Due to the modular design, the elements of Lindner clean room can be easily moved or changed, even after installation. The result is a mobile and perfect construction made according to any technical, aesthetic and functional requirements.

Technical specs

Load capacity, air flow system and electrostatic properties are essential characteristics of the floorings installed in clean rooms.

Solexpert offers floorings created for clean rooms with complete systems that meet all technical requirements.

Our solutions of aluminum raised floors come with complete panels and ventilation panels with free section up to 54%, having remarkable properties:

  • High precision
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Antimagnetic characteristics
  • Very good electrical conductivity
  • High load capacity
  • Low weight
  • Efficiency and low costs
  • Long lifecycle
  • A variety of finishing

Technical specs

A clean room has to meet certain requirements regarding the capacity to light and seal the lighting devices.

Lighting devices offered by Solexpert are compatible with all types of ceilings created for clean rooms and are perfectly adjusted according to the particularities of each project.

We offer integrated lighting devices or devices installed on the surface, compatible with the most rigorous standards:

  • Integrated lighting devices made to be compact
  • Lighting devices installed at the junction between ceiling and wall
  • Lighting devices installed on the surface
  • Lighting devices integrated in drywalls
  • Lighting devices adapted to stairs
  • Various energy consumption with optimal efficacy
  • Electric connections ready to be made.

Technical specs

High standards of purity in our clean rooms are successfully met by our conditioning systems so the rooms stay clean, without particles and germs.

All areas of clean rooms can be equipped with all the necessary components for conditioning – from adjustable platforms for air flow to software units connected to fans and grill overflow for the installation on the wall.

Ventilation units are available in various models:

  • With aluminum, steel or coated with powder
  • With an optional pre-filtered element

Furthermore, they are available with a temperature adapter (cooling/heating).

Technical specs

Locks are essential to divide the areas in clean rooms. To keep the flow of persons and stuff under optimal parameters, high quality locks are divided into 3 categories:

  • For staff
  • For stuff
  • For documents.

These are created by many doors with automatic lock.

We offer control systems for locks to meet your individual requirements, even for drive-in rooms or compact components to grip on the wall.

Direct advantages:

  • Avoid the accidental contamination;
  • Secure the flow of the persons;
  • Assembly according to the highest quality standards.

Technical specs

The surfaces of clean rooms have to be smooth, resistant to chemical substances and easy to clean and disinfect.

Solexpert offers surfaces appropriate to any application:

  • AntiBac: Active antibacterial layer of powder for clean rooms with high hygiene requirements. Tested according JIS Z 2801:2000
  • Surfaces with conductive layer for areas without electrostatic charges
  • Wound cover
  • Brushed steel or stainless steel, V2A or V4A
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Covers in all colors RAL and NCS

Technical specs

The highest level of comfort associated with an optimal safety level.

High quality, customized doors offer a high waterproofing level for clean rooms. They are made exclusively of non-organic materials and are equipped with surfaces appropriate for your workplace.

According to UE available directives and to DIN standards, the doors can be additionally protected against fire, smoke and sounds.

  • Doors made using the latest technologies;
  • High quality and short deadlines for delivery, including special solutions.

Technical specs

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