Kindergartens are spaces created to inspire safety, to be attractive and hygienic in order to allow the development of children. The arrangement of the space is essential to meet these objectives and the floorings are key-elements that creates not only a colored and joyful decoration, but also maintains safety and comfort.

The floors installed in spaces that belong to kindergartens have to be elastic and to have a great capacity of shock absorption, to ensure a protective space in order to remove the risk of fall and hurt. The floors also have to be made of warm materials, with thermic insulation properties to avoid the risk of getting sick and to be functionable in spaces with underfloor heating systems.

Usually, these floorings have a smooth surface that is easy to clean and disinfect, preventing the accumulation of microbes and dirt and are available in a large range of colors. Furthermore, they have the possibility to insert logos, models, drawings or lines to mark the playgrounds.

Solexpert offers various types of floorings made for kindergartens: PVC carpets, PVC wallpaper, roll, modular and custom carpet, LVT, technical flooring, sport indoor, sport outdoor, partitions, cast floor, deck, handrails and accessories.

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