Modular carpet

Modular carpet or carpet tile is a simple floor for interior spaces, being used mostly in office buildings, banks, kindergartens, schools or other commercial or administrative buildings.

It is made of square or rectangular forms which can be combined in various ways to get innovative models, classic or modern, in many colors, to outline different elements of decoration. It is available in many colors and models, the pieces combined in various ways, leading to new models.

Modular carpet is remarkable due to its resistance to extreme traffic, to its preservation of the aspect and the easiness of cleaning. It is made of polypropylene and is ideal for spaces with medium and intense traffic. It can also be made of polyamide and it is useful for extreme and intense traffic. It has a very good capacity to absorb the noises and to maintain the thermic comfort, diminishing the costs allocated for heating. It is easy to mount and to maintain and it has a long lifecycle.

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