Commercial Areas

Commercial spaces are areas with intense traffic that are remarkable due to their original and creative decorations made to attract as many customers as possible. A special decoration is impossible to be made without a solid and attractive flooring which completes and defines the design.

Such a flooring should have some characteristics besides the customized and modern design. Safety at walk, resistance to traffic, usage, fire and easiness to maintain are essential characteristics for these types of floorings.

The floorings can be installed in a large variety of colors and styles, according to the areas which are defining and to the desired effects: shiny and mat floors, with quartz sand, colored chips, with optical effects or customized with images or logos.

Generally, these types of floorings are available with underfloor heating systems, have a good level of noise and impact absorption and create the sensation of warmth and comfort.

Solexpert has a various range of products to arrange commercial spaces: PVC carpets, roll, modular and custom carpet, LVT, technical flooring, partitions, PVC wallpaper, handrails and accessories.

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