PVC Carpet

PVC carpet or PVC linoleum is a type of modern flooring that increases the comfort and confers the feeling of warmth, being appropriate for almost each type of interior space. It has superior qualities than other types of classic floorings. PVC carpet is recognized for its special aspect, resistance and easiness to clean and disinfect.

PVC carpet is a flat carpet, without oscillations of levels. It is resistant to chemical agents, has antibacterial and antifungal treatment and antimicrobial, conductive, antistatic and anti-slip properties. It has a good heat and sound insulation and is resistant to intense traffic and to fading. Its colors resist in time, it doesn’t have right angles to the wall and no joints in which the debris can accumulate, allowing thorough cleaning and removing of the dirt and microbes.

It is used especially in sanitary facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, operating rooms, laboratories for analysis, salons, medical offices or dental waiting rooms, hallways, in the food industry in bakeries, laboratories of confectionery and pastry, butcheries, in shops, offices, universities, schools, kindergartens, kitchens, firms, shops, warehouses and public transport vehicles.

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