Restaurants are custom spaces in which hospitality, decoration and services have to excel. The floorings used for these spaces have to allow an original and creative arrangement in order to deliver the desired messages. Depending on the design, colors and type of the space, you can choose floorings in certain colors and with certain textures.

The floorings are made of special materials, appropriate for intense and permanent usage and according to strict regulations. The types of floorings installed in restaurants must be resistant to increased usage, including carts traffic or furniture rearrangement, have an increased functionality and adherence, prevent dust accumulation and allow an easy cleaning. Futhermore, it is recommended that the floorings have continuity in order to prevent accidents and to facilitate the cleaning process.

The floorings installed in kitchens have to meet thorough hygiene conditions to prepare the food in a clean environment and to make the processes of food preparation easier in areas with technological flows. Furthermore, they have to be resistant in order to sustain professional appliances and equipments as well as the intense traffic. The most used floorings for these areas are made of PVC, epoxy resins, polyurethane and mosaic.

PVC floorings are resistant to scratches, abrasion and chemical substances and have a continuous and homogeneous surface, being easy to clean. Furthermore, they have antifungal and antibacterial treatment and contain anti-slip particles that increase their resistance. Floorings made of epoxy resins and polyurethane have a good anticorrosive and mechanical resistance as well as a good resistance to fats, liquids and other substances.

Dining rooms are arranged with custom carpets that offers elegance or with PVC tiles similar to parquet, marble or colored tiles to match with the other elements of decoration and to complete the specific theme of the restaurants. These can be combined to get an original design, easy to clean, resistant to usage in order to offer a warmth sensation, to have an increased sound absorption and to be appropriate for intense traffic.

Solexpert sells a large range of floorings for restaurants: PVC carpets and wallpaper, roll, modular and custom carpet, LVT, partitions, handrails, deck and accessories.

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