Showrooms are spaces with a modern and elegant design defined by harmoniuous decorations and wide surfaces, beautifully arranged. The aesthetics of the ambient is important to influence the customer’s perception regarding the space and the brand. The floorings used in such spaces represent safety at walk, resistance to traffic, usage and fire. They are easy to clean and maintain and have a good level of noise absorption.

PVC carpets are the most frequent types of flooring used to arrange showrooms due to their appropriate properties and sizes. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of colors and styles, according to the desired effects and colors. There are shiny or mat PVC carpets, with quartz sand, colored chips, optical effects or customized with images or logos.

They can be used in spaces with underfloor heating systems, they absorb very well the noises and the impact.

Solexpert sells floorings appropriate for showrooms: PVC carpets, roll, modular and custom carpets, PVC wallpaper, technical flooring, LVT, partitions, handrails, deck, sport indoor and accessories.

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