Laboratories are spaces with rigorous and hygienic arrangement in order to ensure a proper environment for all kinds of activities: research and educational laboratories – chemistry, physics, biology and computer science as well as processing laboratories from food industry and medical laboratories.

Depending on their purpose, the laboratories are equipped with specific appliances and have to respect certain regulations regarding their functionality, hygiene and organization, most of them requiring antibacterial and antifungal floorings, resistance to abrasion, dirt and chemical substances.

The most frequent floorings for these kinds of spaces are PVC carpets, PVC wallpaper, technical flooring, partitions, modular carpet, LVT, handrails and specific accessories.

PVC carpet and wallpaper are frequent in the arrangement of laboratories as they have a modern design, hygienic and antibacterial properties, are easy to clean and disinfect and are resistant to chemical substances. They have conductive, anti-slip and antistatic characteristics. They have neither right angles at the joint with walls, nor joints to accumulate dirt, removing the microbes.

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