Floorings used for hotels complete their design and offer unicity, comfort and elegance thanks to their modern aesthetics. Beyond their special design, the floorings have to be resistant to intense traffic and dirt and to meet the available regulations.

From entrance and access areas, elevators, rooms, conference rooms, wet rooms to public food areas and kitchens, professional floorings bring an additional value to the spaces where they are installed.

These have to be resistant to usage, intense traffic, including traffic with carts, to furniture rearrangement. They need to have an excellent functionality and adherence for each destination, to prevent dust accumulation and to facilitate frequent cleaning and maintenance operations and to be continuous in order to prevent accidents. Depending on the spaces in which are installed, the floorings can vary in terms of colors, textures, materials and design.

Linoleum is preferred for its easiness to clean and for its modern design which completes the elements of decorations from spaces such as access areas, halls, elevators, restaurants, rooms and conference or fitness rooms.

PVC floorings made of tiles or rolls are preferred due to their refinement touch. They are available in many design versions, from those similar to wood, stone, ceramics, to those with abstract models and they are very resistant to usage.

Combining PVC floorings with other types of floorings confers a special touch and allows to create play of colors, textures and materials. They are used to arrange halls, rooms, conference rooms and administrative areas. PVC floorings are remarkable due to their resistance and easiness of maintenance.

Carpets are elegant floorings with many functionalities, offering elegance and originality to the space and being resistant to dirt and intense traffic.

Solexpert has a large range of floorings and accessories for hotels: PVC carpets, roll carpet, modular carpet, custom carpet, partitions, handrails, LVT, technical flooring, deck, sport indoor and sport outdoor.

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