Sport Indoor

Interior sport floorings represent innovative and durable solutions created to arrange multisport interior fields for sports like basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, fitness, aerobics and polyvalent rooms.

The floorings are certified according to performance standards of International Federations and European Union, being accredited with CE Conformity Certificates. They are tested regarding the AgBB/DIBt emissions, ensure comfort and protection of the players as well as excellent conditions.

They are ideal for multisport and multi-activities halls, being resistant to intense traffic. They have a modern and innovative design and surfaces made of PVC or polyurethane, especially created for certain types of sports, a great part of them being multifunctional.

The fields are safe both for professional players and amateurs, offering anti-slip protection, a good shock absorption. They diminish the risk of hurting the legs or the back due to the elastic properties and the mechanical and usage resistance. The surfaces do not contain imperfections, are hygienic, easy to clean and some of them can be quickly rearranged without significant costs.

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