Residential spaces

Residential spaces are defined by flexibility and freedom to decorate in order to get special, original, classic or modern design, according to individual preferences.

The most frequent floorings used to arrange residential spaces are roll, modular and custom carpets as well as PVC carpets.

PVC carpets are modern floorings that increase the comfort and offer the sensation of warmth, being appropriate for any type of space, having superior qualities than other classic floorings. They have a special design and high resistance, being easy to clean and disinfect. They have neither oscillations of level, right angles at the joints with walls, nor joints where the dirt can accumulate. They are flat and resistant to chemical agents, have antibacterial and antifungal treatment. Furthermore, they have conductive, antistatic and anti-slip properties and absorb very well the noises.

Roll carpet is one of the most used flooring to arrange residential spaces as it completes very well the interior spaces thanks to the various colors, textures and models, conferring elegance and creating a comfortable sensation. It is easy to clean and has anti-slip and thermical properties.

Solexpert sells a large range of floorings for residential spaces: modular, roll and custom carpets, PVC carpets, LVT, deck, sport indoor, sport outdoor and accessories.

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