Schools are spaces that require an appropriate environment to learn, which has to be comfortable, easy to clean and decorated according certain regulations in order to be secure. The floorings installed in schools have to be resistant to slip and to prevent the risks of fall and hurt. PVC tiles are ideal for these types of spaces because they have an adherent surface that prevents the slipping.

The bathrooms can be arranged with PVC modular carpets that are easy to clean and don’t retain the dirt or the bacteria, are durable and resistant to usage.

Classrooms, canteens and playground are spaces that require fine and resistant floorings. The most frequent are PVC tiles made of fine rubber that prevent the hurt and the accidents. These floorings ensure an acoustic and thermic insulation to facilitate the focus on the study process.

The halls and corridors are spaces with intense traffic that need to be arranged with soundproofing floorings to ensure safety at walk. The laboratories have to be arranged with floorings that are resistant to chemical agents, biological materials, electric charges and static electricity.

The spaces that need to be cleaned and washed daily, such as classrooms have to be arranged with tiles made of resistant materials.

Canteens are usually arranged with floorings made of epoxy resins that offer chemical resistance, easy cleaning and a light and attractive environment. These contain surfaces which are dense and waterproofing, easy to clean and without joints.

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