Pardoseala exterioara

The raised flooring system for exterior spaces is made of modular plates laid on special supports of polypropylene. Raising the floor of the terrace waterproofing eliminates the problem of infiltration. Increased resistance of system is due to the unbreakable plates that are made of composite material with internal metallic reinforcement.

The installation is quick, construction time, maintenance and cost are reduced.

Sizes of the plates: 30 x 30 cm or 60 x 60 cm

Thickness: 20 mm

The mechanical resistance to bending is 3 times higher than that of the wood with the same thickness. Due to the fact that the profiles are colored, the mechanical wear does not affect the design of the surface as it happens in case of laminate products.

The plates don’t need protection by painting or varnishing and have 5 years warranty for bad weather, the medium lifecycle exceeding 15 years. Composite material can be treated especially to be varnished or painted according to the user’s preferences. The finishing treatments can create embossed profiles with different types of veneers or polished profiles with a design similar to natural wood.

The profiles don’t break if are exposed to various temperatures and don’t change their sizes as the coefficient of expansion is similar to the aluminum’s coefficient.

Objects made of composite resist very well to moisture, ultraviolet radiations, mildew, insects. They do not catch fire because of a cigarette fallen by accident.

On demand, the profiles of composite can be made to resist to fire, becoming several times more resistant than the wood. The objects made of composite don’t require any type of maintenance, saving money for manual labor and for protection paints.

They do not stain, wash them with regular detergent or with water hose.

They have a very good adherence, especially if the surface contains very smooth grooves.

The tools used to made composite plates belongs to joinery: the profiles can be drilled or milled, cut with a circular saw or fixed with special bolts.

Available colors:

  • Light brown
  • Reddish brown
  • Dark brown
  • Grey


  • embossed
  • brushed
  • polished

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