Technical (raised) floors usable within 24 hours after installation!

FLOOR and more® is a raised floor system with junction of special grooves that can be used within 24 hours after the installation and can be finished with any type of conventional surface of flooring.

The surface is applied during manufacturing to ensure a short time of installation and drying. You can choose between a various range of finishing such as wood, parquet and others.

FLOOR and more® is available in many models to fit to your project.

  • FLOOR and more® comfort: with integral underfloor heating for an excellent comfort and an exceptional efficiency.
  • FLOOR and more® sonic: with soundproofing. The perforations of the panels guarantee not only the air ventilation, but also an exceptional acoustic insulation.
  • FLOOR and more® power: a “heavy-duty” floor type, ideal for showrooms, museums and libraries.
  • FLOOR and more® hydro: waterproof panel, hydrophobic, with special treatment.

Technical specs


LIGNA raised floors are made of medium density fiberboard panels and are ideal to get a perfect technical surface with a maximum efficiency of costs.

It is ideal for offices and technical rooms.

LIGNA is registered in the class with the lowest level of emissions (E1) and meet the highest requirements in construction, guaranteeing a high level of tightness in a ventilated floor.


  • Very good balance price-performance
  • Minimum emission values
  • High tightness of tile joint filling that match perfectly
  • You can add profiles for control stations
  • Remarkable electrostatic characteristics
  • The floor can be combined with other floor systems.

The panels can be equipped with finishing such as rubber, aluminum plate with striations, velour carpet or PVC.

The connections made by adhesion ensure a remarkable longevity of all coverings.

You can create a pleasant ambient with the WOODline parquet made by solid wood. WOODline parquet is ideal for extreme traffic and offers an excellent longevity and maintenance.

Technical specs

NORTEC raised floor is ideal for:

  • Rooms with computers and command centers
  • Industrial rooms and workshops
  • Training and research rooms
  • Office spaces

NORTEC raised floor system is made of calcium sulfate panels, a fireproof material with excellent physical and structural properties. The product ensures a high acoustic protection.

NORTEC floorings have many advantages:

  • Extreme resistance
  • High quality from the raw material to the finished panel
  • Extremely effective soundproofing
  • Calcium sulfate panels are eco-friendly (Institute for Biology of Constructions of Rosenheim)
  • Many combinations with other flooring systems
  • Unique design with stone finishing, parquet or standard surface such as rubber, PVC, HPL or carpet.

Technical specs

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