Terenuri Tenis Poliuretan (Tartan)

Polyurethane (Tartan) tennis surfaces from our offer have a 2 mm special polyurethane layer adhered on a rubber granules layer.

Court Pro tennis surfaces are soft, with elastic properties and meet the newest European Standards EN 14877:2006 for indoor multi-purpose sport activities and are accredited with CE Conformity Certificate.

Court Pro tennis surfaces are also certified by International Tennis Federation (ITF) and are evaluated as fields with medium rapidity from Category 4.

The system was AgBB/DIBt (German test) tested for emissions and it is considered to be secure for interior materials of the buildings. 

It has a smooth surface, hygienic and easy to clean.

The system offers a proper balance of the ball for all playing skills, both for professional players and amateurs. The rhythm, speed and slide of the ball create an excellent game surface.

The soft surface ensures a very good absorption of shock and diminishes the risk of leg or back hurts. It has elastic properties and a good mechanical resistance due to Herculan EX 800 layer as well as a superior resistance to usage due to Herculan Court S layer.

The excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiations makes it a perfect ground for interior or exterior usage.

Due to its resistance and durability, the surface can be also used for exhibitions, concerts, speeches or other types of activities.

Herculan Sports floorings are easy to maintain and rearrange without high costs.

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