Carpet types for office spaces

Your office is the face of your business. When you decorate your office, think about the first impression it makes to your customers and what do you want they think about your office and your business when they come in – to confers trust, to highlight the image of your brand, to promote a healthy workplace; your office can inspire whatever you want if you use an appropriate carpet to arrange it.

The carpet offers unlimited design possibilities and can act as:

  • a filter for the air from the space: the carpet retains the dust particles and allergens within its structure, diminishing their presence in the air and improving the quality of the air
  • an agent to save energy, being an excellent thermic insulator
  • a sound insulator, diminishing the noise made by steps.

Loop pile carpet

It is the most common type of carpet and, although it is extraordinary resistant, it doesn’t have the refinement and luxurious aspect of trimmed carpet. Thanks to its resistance it is the first choice for spaces with intense traffic. There are many available models nowadays with remarkable aesthetic characteristics.

Trimmed carpet

It is used usually for its borders, full colors and luxurious aspect and confers style and class to the interior spaces where it is installed. Trimmed carpet has a full wire, smoother than that from loop texture and it doesn’t unweave on the borders.

Modular carpet

Loop or trimmed, the modular carpet is a carpet fixed in a support layer made of rubber or bitumen. The main benefit of this carpet is that the tiles can be replaced one by one when they damage or get stains, without being necessary to replace the entire carpet.

It is a more expensive choice, but the best one to arrange an office or a public space due to its extra functionality and resistance.