Carpet, the perfect flooring

Floorings play a very important role, because they represent the biggest surface in a room. This is why a carpet must be durable, comfortable, and, at the same time, to offer a distinct aesthetic aspect to the room in which it is installed. The carpet provides a better look to the room or enclosure in which it is placed. It is a convenient and adaptable flooring.

The carpet is the perfect flooring because it has so many advantages, being available in a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and heights, respecting the requirements of the pickiest customers. The carpet is a very comfortable and practical set-up version for any enclosure, being ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants, and clubs.

The use of carpet in these spaces also has some advantages as: great phonic isolation, high thermal comfort, noise absorption, diverse patterns and colors, and the retaining of dust and dirt, which can be vacuumed later on. Because of these benefits, the carpet replaced classic bottom coverings, bringing its contributions to the creation of a welcoming atmosphere.

Carpet advantages:

  • Thermal isolation – the floor covered with carpet ensures a thermal isolation 10 times better than any other floor finish.
  • Phonic isolation – the carpet will reduce the noise made by steps or chairs. Also, it will absorb these noises much better than hard floorings.
  • Comfort and safety – the carpet reduces the risk for slipping and impact caused by accidental falling. There are carpet models that are fireproofed, so that they will resist under fire for an extended period.
  • Easy maintenance – the carpet can be easily cleaned through vacuuming. Interior carpet is stain resistant, dirt resistant, and offers an optimum resistance to wear.
  • Beauty and utility – it is available in a wide range of colors, textures and patterns, offering the possibility of creating unique spaces.

Concerning the installment of carpet, this is rather easy to be made. The floor on which the carpet will be glued will have to be cleaned of dust thoroughly, the application of the adhesive following, and then the application of the carpet. After the installation of the carpet, you will have to pass over its surface with a rubber roller, starting from the middle area and going towards the edges near the walls, where you will insist a little bit more. For a correct installment, you will have to keep these aspects in mind. Thus, your work will last more in time.

On the market, there will be several carpet types: roll-type carpet, tile-type carpet, custom carpet, with a short cut or curled, each one of these being a suitable choice. Tile-type carpet is ideal for office buildings or for banks, where an elevated bottom covering is needed, but it is also useful in kindergartens and schools, being extremely safe and comfortable. Custom carpet will perfectly adapt to the requirements of an exclusivist hotel or of a conference room. It is the perfect solution for any interior with demands, providing uniqueness, increased comfort, and an individuality sensation.

The carpet is a perfect flooring that can be installed in any space, regardless of its dimension. Carpets are available in diverse textures and colors, from a curled aspect, to the one with cut hair, to one color or diverse color combinations. Any space covered with carpet offers the advantage of durability and comfort.