Maintaining the artificial grass turf

Any soccer field, regardless of its type, needs constant turf maintenance throughout the year, not to lose its properties. An artificial grass turf must be maintained for keeping its best characteristics for the game.

The turf’s surface must maintain its beauty, optimum game state, and safety, through regular maintenance. On the contrary, it will lose all these qualities, producing discomfort to the soccer player. A synthetic soccer field involves investments and maintenance costs that are smaller than in the case of natural turf. Artificial grass has a greater life span than natural grass, especially if it is maintained correctly. Therefore, it is good to take into account the advice concerning the turf’s maintenance if you wish to benefit of optimum performances for a longer period.

The maintenance of synthetic turf

The maintenance of synthetic turf is needed because it ensures the quality of the game, the longevity of the soccer field, and its aesthetics. Besides all these, if an artificial soccer field is maintained as it should, the client will redeem his investment made in the artificial turf much faster, also having satisfied customers.

For the maintenance of artificial grass turf it is necessary to contact the company that made its installment, because every turf has its particularities that need to be taken into account when its maintenance is made. The artificial turf maintenance prolongs its life span.

The weekly maintenance of the turf consists in the removal of the air born debris, from the field’s surface, with a special brush for synthetic turf. Regular brushing leads to surface leveling, making it even, and preventing the bent or angling of the grass threads. Synthetic grass can widen due to stepping pressure, this is why a regular brushing is helpful. The brushing is made with brushes mounted in front or at the back of field cart, depending on the brush’s type. They help leveling and deepening of the sand in the grass. The ones that are mounted in front of the cart can be used in any direction and help in the removal of debris from the grass.

The artificial turf brushing is absolutely necessary and must be done, regularly, at every 2 weeks. Through brushing, ideal conditions are ensured for the surface of the artificial grass, deposits on the turf are removed, and grass threads that are bent during the game are straightened.

Although an artificial turf will not need water like a natural turf, its watering has a set of benefits: it cools down the game surface, it stabilizes the granules and increases their performance. An enhanced attention must be provided for the areas that are exposed to damages, like the penalty and corner areas. The stitches and bonds of the turf must be checked periodically, and if their loosening is noticed, the installment company must be contacted.

A correct maintenance of synthetic turf involves the removal of any foreign body from its surface, together with other materials such as weeds, seeds, herbs, papers, and leaves. For removing snow off the soccer field, a plow with a light weight and rubber wheels can be used. This process should be done starting from the center and moving towards the edges.

The satisfaction of a quality game will be ensured only through a constant turf maintenance program and through immediate repairing of the small identified defects.